How to Start a Successful Group in "DC Universe Online"


Once you have progressed through the first few levels of "DC Universe Online," you'll probably realize being a superhero can be difficult if you have to do it alone. After all, Batman and Superman joined the Justice League for a reason. Assembling your own successful superhero group takes planning and strategy, with each team member meant to play a vital role.


  • Controller, healer and tank are the three main roles present in a successful team. A character's powers will dictate his particular role. Plan ahead and make certain your character has powers suited to his preferred role. Heroes with Fire and Ice powers make the best tanks because they can absorb the most damage and dish out significant punishment. Heroes with Gadgets and Mental abilities act as controllers, meaning they oversee the group's performance, recharge everyone's power meters and manage the oncoming enemy hordes. Lastly, heroes with Nature and Sorcery powers serve as healers and are responsible for keeping group members alive during combat.


  • In a typical battle, the tank will pull enemies to the group and take the focus away from teammates. An effective tank infuriates the enemy, absorbs all the aggression and frees fellow group members to perform their tasks. The controller secures the area, stunning enemies and employing an array of distractions and encasements to limit the number of enemies attacking the tank. The healer needs to sit back and survey the entire scene, paying particular attention to the tank's health. If the healer lets the tank die, the entire team will crumble.


  • Think how each group member compliments the others. Each hero's powers and abilities need to benefit the group and create opportunities for inflicting more damage. Consider if one group member can create debuffs on enemies that the other members can exploit. Look for characters whose attacks feed off one another and trigger combo chances that can end fights quickly.


  • Being a successful group requires mutual respect, proper online etiquette and expert teamwork. Everyone must work together, which means being polite and not getting bogged down in petty arguments or trying to grab the spotlight. Highly skilled players appreciate when team members perform their assigned roles, placing the team before personal glory. Another important aspect of teamwork is sharing acquired loot. If you don't need something, always pass it along to a fellow group member. Personal sacrifice builds trust and camaraderie within the group.

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