What Kinds of Exercises Help Detox Your Body?


Exercise has many benefits, including improving your overall health, promoting weight loss and toning and strengthening muscles. Exercise also provides many lesser-known benefits, including detoxifying your body. Detoxification can help prevent weight gain and create a healthy mindset to prepare you for the days and weeks ahead. Several different types of exercise exist that work effectively to detox your mind and body. Some are low impact and some are high impact. You can combine them to get the best possible detoxification benefits from your exercise routine.

Defining Detoxification

  • Detoxification is a process of cleaning the body by removing impurities and toxins. Toxins may be removed from the kidneys, lymph, skin, intestines, cells and lungs. If toxins and waste products are not properly removed from your body, you may not function properly or you may experience adverse health effects, including sluggishness, frequent acne or unnecessary weight gain.

Yoga for Detox

  • Yoga is a good tool for detoxifying. You can practice yoga for up to one hour each day, although just 10 minutes of yoga can help firm the body, reduce water retention and reset an overstressed metabolism. Yoga is also helpful for cleansing your inner body, when you select proper detoxifying poses. Good choices include: Down Dog Splits, Core Plank, Twisted Lunge, Bow Pose and Child’s Pose. When performing yoga for detoxification, take time to let go of stress and limiting beliefs and make room for empowering beliefs about your true potential.

Qigong for Detox

  • Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice similar to tai chi that helps restore the flow of Qi, or life energy, in the body. It is a form of gentle exercise that can help eliminate dietary and environmental toxins and, according to the Qigong Institute, can help cleanse your lymphatic system. Qigong may provide other health benefits when practiced daily, including improving your body’s ability to metabolize oxygen more efficiently. Dr. Kevin Chen, associate professor at the University of Maryland School of Medicine Center for Integrative Medicine, notes there is “enough research to convince the general public of the benefits of qigong.”

Jumping Rope

  • Jumping rope is a good cardiovascular exercise that encourages good circulation and sweating and can detoxify the body by removing toxins and pollution through the lymphatic system. Jumping helps stimulate circulation of blood and lymph, flushing toxins from the cells. Rope jumping also stimulates the brain to release enzymes and improves mental acuity. It only takes 10 minutes of jumping rope to achieve the benefits you could expect from 30 minutes of jogging, so get jumping.

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