Difference Between Traditional & Classic Breyer Horses


Breyer Animal Creations produces thousands of different toy models of living horses, various breeds of horses and even artistic and fantasy pieces. Breyer has been making collectible model horses since the 1950s and a wide collectors market exists for both new and vintage models. The terms traditional and classic are used by Breyer to distinguish between different scale size model horses. Breyer horses are classified by their sizes.

Traditional Breyer Horses

  • A traditional size Breyer model horse is produced on a 1:9 scale. These are the most common size of Breyer model and most accessories that Breyer sells for their model horses are sized to fit the traditional size model line. Breyer makes a wide assortment of saddles, barns, trucks, trailers and other accessories that can be used with these models. Breyer-produced model companion animals are also sized to be in proportion with the traditional model horses. Traditional size models are available in thousands of designs, and an active market exists for both new and second-hand models.

Classic Breyer Horses

  • The classic size Breyer model horse is produced on a 1:12 scale. These models are slightly smaller than traditional models but still larger than several of the other lines the company produces. While some of the accessories produced for traditional models can be used with classic size models, most collectors specifically look for classic size accessories to accompany these models. Breyer has produced hundreds of different classic-size model horses.

Understanding Scale Size

  • The term scale size is used to indicate how many of the items it would take to make a rough equivalent to the real life item. For example, the 1:9 traditional Breyer size implies that 9 traditional models, set up head to tail in a straight line, would be the approximate length of the average living horse. The classic models would require 12 model horses to cover the equivalent distance. Because horses vary greatly in size, the scale size on model horses is a rough estimate and not a precise number that matches any specific living animals.

More Breyer Models

  • Each size of Breyer horse has a wide variety of different molds, models and series within the line. Collectors may choose models based on appearance, age, series or by the material the horses are made of. Most Breyer models are made from plastic, though some may be made from porcelain or resin. Besides the traditional and classic models, Breyer produces the Paddock Pals, which are also identified as Little Bits, on a 1:24 scale. Stablemates models are manufactured on a 1:32 scale, and Mini Whinnies measure approximately a 1:64 scale.


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