Error ID 0x800CCC0B on Gmail


The error message 0x800CCC0B can crop up when you're using any email service. Unfortunately for the purposes of troubleshooting, emails errors are typically vague; the code identifies the problem but doesn't tell you why it's happening. A single error may have more than one potential cause. Troubleshoot a few standard email issues to get your messages moving again.

Email Processing

  • Understanding the ins and outs of email processing will help you determine the possible cause of your error. Email processing occurs on a central server, not on your computer. In other words, email is an online function. In order to read and compose your messages, you use an email client like Gmail, Outlook or the Windows Mail app. This is the interface that holds your mail. The client handles the processing of the mail, much as a mail carrier handles snail mail. The client must follow certain protocols or the mail cannot go out. It is these protocols that cause the error.

What Does 0x800CCC0B Mean?

  • The error definition represents what is going on with the server, not what is happening on your computer to cause the problem. Microsoft defines 0x800CCC0B this way: "The server or mail drop is busy." It indicates the mail cannot leave the outbox for some reason. Just because you use a specific email client doesn't mean you use its interface to compose emails. You might use a third-party applicationor a different client to create the text. The problem is with your settings on the application you use to write the emails.

SMTP Setting

  • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, or SMTP, dictates the standard format for transferring Internet mail over IP networks. Each service has a protocol to follow that helps identify the client initiating the message. This means that Gmail and Windows Mail, for example, have their own SMTP settings that include authentication codes and port assignments. You can think of a port as the door that provide access when something enters or exits a network. An email client needs the proper SMTP settings to send mail out on your behalf. If you receive the 0x800CCC0B error message, go into the Properties tab on your email program, Outlook or another third-party service, and check the SMTP settings to ensure they match Gmail's requirements.

Server Authentication

  • Another possible problem is with server authentication. This setting may affect your email processing even if you use the Gmail interface to compose your emails. Server authentication is about communication between the client sending the mail and the one receiving it. If your mail doesn't leave your outbox or arrive at the target inbox, that communication may not work properly. When you open the Properties folder on your email client, change the authentication setting by checking the box to make it active. Activating the authentication may remove the error. While you have the Properties box open, verify that Log on Using Clear Text Authentication is selected as well.

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