Default Password for the Pantech Impact

The Pantech Impact cellphone, like other cellphones, is designed to prompt for a password in certain security-based situations. The password prevents unauthorized access or changes to the phone. Typically, when a user asks about the default password, he can’t remember the password and doesn’t have access to a copy of the phone’s user guide where the password is printed.

  1. Default Password

    • When your Pantech Impact prompts for a password, you enter a four-digit numeric code. The manufacturer’s factory default four-digit code is “1234.” When your Impact prompts you to enter this code, you press the corresponding numbers on the Impact’s exterior display number keypad or you open the phone and enter the numbers via the interior QWERTY keypad.

    Password Prompts, Part 1

    • The Impact will prompt you for a password when you need access to the phone or an area of the phone. For example, you must enter your password when the phone lock is on. In addition, you use a password to access the Impact’s instant messenger or to add and access another device such as a Bluetooth headset.

    Password Prompts, Part 2

    • The Impact also prompts for a password whenever you need to change or clear data on the phone. For example, you must enter a password when you want to change the phone lock password to a custom password, clear the call times and logs or perform a Master Clear to remove all personal data. The password is also necessary to reset the external microSD memory card or use the Master Reset to revert all of the phone’s configuration settings back to the factory default settings.

    Password Issue

    • When your Impact doesn’t respond to the default password, the phone is likely experiencing a hardware or software malfunction and will require additional troubleshooting -- and potentially off-site repair or replacement. If your Impact doesn't accept the password, take it to your local cellular service carrier’s dealer, a retail or authorized repair location, or call the carrier’s customer-service department for additional assistance.

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