My Magnavox TV Makes Clicking Noises


Tracking down the clicking noise emanating from your Magnavox television can border on detective work. You must eliminate possibilities until you find the source of the sound, then you can determine the right solution and rid yourself of the annoying clicking sound. Prepare to do your best Sherlock Holmes impersonation and get to the root of the issue.

Sound Sources

  • Clicking sounds from your Magnavox television can come from a variety of sources, including the speakers, the case and the power supply. Listen closely to the sound and determine its source. Mute the sound on the TV; if the clicking stops, then the noise is coming through the speakers. Listen to the back of the set; if there's a creaking-click sound, it's likely from the plastic of the TV case. However, if the click is precise and metallic sounding -- especially if it's near the place where the power cord attaches to the back of the set -- then the sound is likely coming from the power supply.


  • Speaker clicking is due to interference in the audio signal, and there are numerous sources that could be causing the issue. Start by watching a standard television channel through your cable, antenna or satellite connection. Switch to a high-definition channel. If you hear a clicking on the standard or HD channel, your set-top box is causing the issue. Unplug the box for 30 seconds and plug it in again to reboot the machine; if that doesn't alleviate the issue, you need to call your set-top box provider. Move on to your DVD player, game console and stereo, listening to each device for clicks. If you hear clicks on another device, check the cables. Try connecting the device to a different input on the TV. Try connecting a different device to the same input. That will tell you if the clicking is coming through the device or from the TV input.

TV Case

  • Magnavox televisions create heat as they run, LCD screens use a backlight and plasma TVs convert gas into super-hot plasma. The power supply also creates heat as it transforms the alternating current from your outlet into direct current for your TV. The heat is dissipated through the case of the TV, which can expand at different rates depending on the heat distribution from the electronics. As the case expands along the joints and seams, the pieces can move slightly -- which will make a clicking sound. It the sound starts after the TV is powered on, stops after the set has been on for several minutes and then starts again after the TV is powered off, then it's probably heat expansion causing the clicking. This issue will lessen over time as the parts of the TV break in and settle into position.

Power Supply

  • The AC to DC converter on your Magnavox TV uses relays and capacitors to route the power from the outlet to the internal electronics. When you switch on the TV, relays are closed to allow the electricity to flow through the circuit to capacitors, which then fill up with power and smooth the flow. However, if one or more of the capacitors is damaged, the relay will continue to click but the TV won't power on. If the clicking happens right after you press the power button but the set doesn't come on, then the power supply is the culprit and needs to be replaced. Contact Magnavox for a replacement power supply and repair service.

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