Connection Error 678 on Windows 7 64-Bit


Windows Error 678, "The remote computer did not respond," occurs when your Internet connection fails to connect to your Internet service provider. This error code, which Windows has used since Windows XP, can occur on 64-bit Windows 7 with both dial-up and broadband connections and results from a wide range of problems. Because Error 678 does not point to a specific cause, the best course for solving it is to check for problems along all steps of your connection.

Basic Dial-Up Solutions

  • Error 678 will occur if you attempt to dial in to an incorrect number, or the computer you dial does not respond. If you hear your modem dial but no sounds afterward, this is likely the cause. Check that you are dialing the correct number and try another number to your ISP if available. If you do not hear your modem dial at all, check that your phone line is connected and has a dial tone.

Advanced Dial-Up Solutions

  • Incompatible modem drivers can cause Error 678. Open the windows Device Manager, locate your modem and uninstall its driver. Reboot your computer to force the system to reinstall the modem driver. Check the website of your modem's manufacturer for newer drivers, which might fix the error. This error also occurs if your modem disconnects while dialing prematurely. Open the Phone and Modem Options control panel, select the "Modems" tab, pick your modem and click "Properties." On the Advanced tab, press "Change Default Preferences" and increase the time before a call cancels.

Broadband Solutions

  • Error 678 can occur on a broadband connection if your network cable comes unplugged. Check the connections to and from your computer, modem, router and wall plug. This error also appears if your network adapter is disabled. Open the Network Connections control panel. If "Local Area Connection" shows as disabled, right-click it and pick "Enable." If these steps don't resolve the error, turn your computer off, unplug both your modem and router and wait two minutes. Plug them back in and start your computer.

Software Solutions

  • Windows can fail to connect, resulting in Error 678, with no hardware issues if a piece of installed software blocks the connection. Some viruses and malware have this effect, so scan your computer with antivirus and antimalware software. Malfunctioning firewall programs can cause the same problem. Disabling your firewall software may not stop it completely, so try uninstalling it temporarily and check if the error continues. If this solves the problem, contact the program's manufacturer for support before reinstalling it.

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