Premiere Pro Cs3 Activation Problems


Adobe protects its Premiere Pro CS3 video-editing software from software piracy with an activation process that must be performed within 30 days of installing the software. During the activation process, Adobe verifies that your software is using an original serial number that is not currently associated with another computer. You can activate Premiere Pro CS3 directly over the Internet or via telephone. In some cases, even non-pirated software may not pass the activation process correctly.

Serial Number

  • In order to activate successfully, your copy of Premiere Pro CS3 must be paired with a unique serial number. By ensuring that no two programs activate with the same serial number, Adobe can verify that its software is not being copied or distributed illegally. In some cases a valid serial number may no longer allow you to activate your software. For example, if you purchased an upgrade to Premiere Pro CS3 from a version of the Premiere Pro that does not qualify for an upgrade, your serial number will not allow you to activate Premiere Pro CS3. Serial numbers for other products purchased with Premiere Pro CS3 will not allow you to activate Premiere Pro CS3; you must use the correct serial number included in the documentation for Premiere Pro CS3.

System Time

  • Adobe uses your computer's system time as part of the activation process. If your system time is incorrect, activation may fail. Right-click on the clock in the lower-right corner of your screen and select "Adjust Date/Time." Verify that the date, time and time zone are accurate. If they are not click "Change Date and Time" or "Change Time Zone," make the necessary changes and click "OK" to set your computer's time.

Computer Misidentification

  • Your software may request that you re-activate it if your computer has gone through a significant change since you originally installed the software. If you have added or removed hardware components, replaced a hard drive or changed your computer's operating system, Premiere Pro CS3 may mistakenly believe that it is now installed on a different system than the one it was originally activated on. In this case it will not allow you to properly re-activate your copy of the software; you must contact Adobe's telephone support line to assist you in re-activating.

Phone Activation

  • By default, Adobe attempts to activate your software over the Internet. If your computer is not connected to the Internet or if it is behind a firewall, Premiere Pro CS3 may not be able to connect to Adobe's activation servers. Click "Enter Serial Number" on the main activation screen and select "Activate Over the Telephone." Select your current location and call the correct number for your region. Provide the requested information to the telephone operator and enter the authorization code into Premiere Pro CS3's activation window. Click "Done" to activate your software.


  • Prior to installing and activating Premiere Pro CS3 on a new computer, you need to de-activate and uninstall from any other computers it has been activated on. Launch Premiere Pro CS3 on the computer that you want to remove it from. Select "Deactivate" from the "Help" menu and select "Erase My Serial Number From This Computer." Exit and uninstall the software. If you uninstalled the software without deactivating it, you will need to re-install the software and then de-activate it before you can activate the software on a new computer.

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