Clicking Noises With LG DU-37LZ30 LCD TVs


No longer in production, the LG DU-37LZ30 is a flat-screen LCD monitor designed to work as both a high-definition television and a computer monitor. The key to troubleshooting clicking noises coming from this unit is to identify the origin of the problematic sounds. A clicking sound that comes from the DU-37LZ30's speakers has a different source than one that comes from inside the unit.

Cable Connections

  • The quality of the audio broadcast on your LG DU-37LZ30 monitor is only as good as the cables to which it is connected. These cables carry video and audio signals from your cable or satellite provider, either from an exterior-mounted cable box or satellite dish and ultimately to your television's speakers. Any damage to this coaxial cable -- such as frayed or crimped portions -- can degrade the audio signal, leading to distorted sound, unsynchronized audio or static. Additionally, your set-top receiver box receives periodic software upgrades from your satellite or cable provider. Force your box to automatically scan for the latest updates -- and potentially resolve your audio problems -- by resetting it. To do this, temporarily unplug your box from its power source; when you replug it, it will automatically check for upgrades.

Temperature Change

  • The user's guide for the LG DU-37LZ30 reports that changes to the ambient humidity and temperature can create popping sounds from inside the device. LG says these unusual sounds occur when elements inside the TV expand and contract due to increases and decreases in the temperature immediately surrounding the TV, as well as changes to the amount of water in the air. These sounds may occur whether the TV is on or off; LG says they are not a sign of a problem within your unit and do not need to be repaired.

Sound Settings

  • The DU-37LZ30 offers a wide range of sound options inside its audio menu. To access this section, click the Menu button on your LG remote and use the up and down arrows to highlight and select Audio. Different options inside the audio menu include EZ Sound EZ SoundRite, which allow you to let the TV automatically adjust the volume and balance to accommodate different programs and channels. If you notice the clicking sounds occurring while these features are turned on, access your audio menu and use the left and right arrows to turn them off to eliminate the problematic noises. Additionally, if you use a surround sound or other third-party sound system, turn off the TV's front speakers inside the audio menu, which can eliminate extraneous audio channels.

Power Problems

  • If you notice the clicking sounds coming from inside your LG TV whether it's on or off and are also experiencing other issues with the unit, you could have failing power capacitors. These capacitors store and control the flow of power to different parts of your television, including your LCD screen and your audio board. When these capacitors overheat, they produce gases which cause them to expand. It's this expansion of the small, cylindrical capacitors that causes a popping sound. Bulging capacitors on your audio board can lead to distorted or missing audio, as well as the popping noises, while failing capacitors on your backlight can cause it to flicker or flash. Once a capacitor begins to fail, it cannot be repaired; it must be replaced by a trained electrician or TV repair person.

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