Netgear WNR2000 VoIP Problems

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VOIP can be slower when you have multiple people on the same router.

The Netgear WNR2000 is a wireless router designed to handle the faster Internet speeds required for large-volume downloads and online gaming. Because it can handle a greater throughput, the WNR2000 is usually more than adequate for voice over Internet protocol (VOIP). When you are having issues with VOIP connections or call quality, simple environmental changes and basic troubleshooting steps will often solve the problem without the need for technical support.

  1. Quick Solutions

    • Temporary problems with the WNR2000 can cause it to disconnect from the Internet periodically, making it impossible to use VOIP. To solve most problems, turn off your computer and power cycle the router by unplugging all of the cables, waiting a few minutes, and plugging them back in. When the lights on the front of the router are glowing steadily, turn your computer back on. The power-cycle process enables all devices to reset the Internet connection, resolving any temporary issues.

    Wireless Interference

    • VOIP calls require a stable, high-speed Internet connection. If wireless interference is getting in the way of the signal from your WNR2000, you may experience poor audio, difficulty connecting or calls that drop out unexpectedly. Netgear recommends that the router be placed away from thick walls, brick, large aquariums and metal objects like refrigerators and filing cabinets, which degrade the signal. Common devices like microwaves, fluorescent lights and game controllers can also interfere with the WNR2000 signal. Place the router at least six feet away from wireless devices for best VOIP performance.

    Bandwidth Usage

    • For VOIP programs to work effectively, you must have enough available bandwidth. The required levels vary by program, but most require at least 100 kilobytes per minute. If you have too many users on your wireless network or if users are downloading large files and gaming, there may not be enough available bandwidth. To check for high-volume users, log into the WNR2000 interface to see the device's broadband usage meter. If the usage level is high, consider changing your VOIP calls to a time when there is less network traffic.

    Internet Service

    • The limitations of your Internet service will control the way your VOIP performs with the WNR2000. Most Internet service packages include a cap on the amount of bandwidth you can use; check with your provider for the limit associated with your service package. Most residential users will not have a problem, but if you are using VOIP for a business, the call volume can be a problem. You may need to upgrade to a different Internet package to accommodate simultaneous lines, users and calls.

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