Samsung Computer R580 Problems With Startup


Startup problems with a Samsung R580 notebook arise as a result of one of the following two issues: a hardware malfunction or an operating system failure. The former may require you submit your notebook to a repair shop, whereas all OS errors can be resolved from home via some simple troubleshooting. However, the first step is to put on your detective hat and determine the cause.

Faulty Power or GPU

  • If your notebook doesn't even power on, then start by checking all connected power outlets and cables. Furthermore, check that the power supply is working by listening closely for the system fan. If you hear nothing when attempting to power on the compouter, then the problem lies with the R580's power supply, and you need to replace it. If you hear the fan running, it's possible that the notebook's Nvidia GeForce 310M GPU needs to be replaced, in which case you can take it to a repair shop.

Beep Errors and Early Shutoff

  • If your Samsung R580 computer emits a short series of beeps when you turn it on, its memory chips have become faulty and need to be replaced. If instead it makes a clicking or grinding sound, then replace the hard drive. Perhaps your notebook powers on OK but then shuts down by itself within a matter of seconds or minutes. This indicates a heat-related issue, meaning the cooling fan isn't functioning properly and likely needs replacement. If none of the aforementioned symptoms or solutions apply, then the motherboard itself may require replacement.

Additional Hardware Considerations

  • Even if your system boots into Windows, there may still be a hardware issue at hand. Windows 7 hosts several programs for diagnosing such issues, including a memory diagnostics tool under Administrative Tools in the Start menu and hard-drive error checker in the Properties menu of any drive when you right-click it. Also, start-up problems sometimes manifest as the result of incompatibility between the operating system and a newly installed third-party device. If you recently installed a component, uninstall it according to the manufacturer's instructions and see if the problem is fixed.

Operating System Malfunctions

  • If you suspect your operating system as the culprit behind your R580 start-up problems, return your OS to a previous state by rebooting your computer and pressing "F8" repeatedly to enter the boot menu. Log in to Safe Mode and run the System Restore tool from the System panel in the Control Panel. This will replace your OS's core files with a previously functional version of them. Also, uninstall any recently installed applications. If this fails to resolve your notebook's issues, consider just reinstalling the whole operating system. Just remember to back up all your personal files before proceeding with this option.

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