Trouble Exporting All Details From LinkedIn


Although LinkedIn allows account holders to export data, the feature only permits export of a short list of details from one area. As a result, trouble with exporting details from LinkedIn may be from the lack of an option to export the specific details you need. In addition, user error or a technical problem can interfere with the export.

Exportable Details

  • As of the date of this publication, LinkedIn account holders can only export Connections data and only certain details about your connections. The details you can export are contact names, titles, company and organization names and email addresses. You export connection details as files with .csv or .vcf extensions for use in services and software that accept these file formats, including Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, Mac OS X Address Book and Microsoft Excel.

Non-Exportable Details

  • LinkedIn doesn’t export any other details, including those related to leads lists, group members, company followers or LinkedIn search results. Although you may have phone numbers and personal details like birthdays and comments listed for your connections within LinkedIn, you can’t export this information. The file you export may include the headers for these sections, but the fields are blank. LinkedIn doesn't provide these details either because the export option is not yet available, or to prevent misuse of personal information for privacy reasons.

User Error

  • Sometimes the trouble you experience exporting all exportable connections details results from incorrect entry of the code for the CAPTCHA security check. When you enter the code incorrectly, the system bumps you back to the Export LinkedIn Connections page and a message appears advising you that you can’t export without CAPTCHA validation. Enter the security code exactly as it appears in the box. If you can’t read the code, click the blue “Get a New Challenge” button marked with two arrows to the right of the box to get a different code and then try again.

Technical Issues

  • Sometimes the export feature doesn’t work even after you correctly enter the CAPTCHA code. The problem may be due to your browser or browser settings. Clear its cache and cookies and try again. If you still can’t export the details, switch browsers. If you’re using Internet Explorer, confirm that you have the Security downloads setting enabled. Click “Tools | Internet Options | Security | Custom Level…” to see the Security Settings. Locate “Downloads” on the list and click “Enable” if not selected. Exit the settings windows and try exporting your connections again.

Additional Measures

  • When you can’t solve your trouble exporting all exportable connections details, refer the issue to LinkedIn Support for assistance. Click “Help Center” at the bottom of your account to go to the LinkedIn Help Center page, click “Contact Us” and fill out the form. Provide details about the problem, your browser type and version, and computer operating system and version. Attach a screenshot of what you see when the export fails and then submit your question to create a Support ticket.

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