Founders Day Table Decoration Ideas

Founders Day is not a single holiday, but a general term used to describe various festivals and commemorations observed by towns, schools and organizations to honor their founders. If you're throwing a bash to celebrate your own version of Founders Day, make the decorations yourself to honor the theme and history behind your particular celebration.

  1. Work with Colors

    • If any particular colors relate to your Founders Day, use them as your palette for the centerpieces. For example, the Founders' Day celebration in Ocoee, Florida is tribute to U.S. veterans; to tie in the patriotic theme, centerpieces could be red, white and blue. For college Founders' Days, use your school colors. Once you have a meaningful color scheme, the design of your centerpiece doesn't need to be so creative for an effect that's still personalized. For a simple fix, group together bunches of flowers in the chosen colors. For a festive display, blow up colorful balloons to various sizes and cluster them at the center of each table. If your budget allows, rent a helium tank and tie the balloons together to form turrets, shooting upward from each table.


    • Many Founders' Days are historical in nature, celebrating the individuals who established an organization, school or community. To recreate the historic event, create dioramas depicting the founding. For example, Founders' Days at West Point commemorate when congress approved the establishment of the military academy; a diorama could display congress in session. Fort La Presentation in New York celebrates Founders Day in honor of the establishment of the missionary fort and its later presence in the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. A suitable diorama might depict the historic fort, mid-battle.

    A Founders' Day Retrospective

    • If you have memorabilia such as photos or programs from past Founders' Days, make full-color copies and arrange them into a collage for your centerpieces. Set disposable cameras on the tables, surrounding the centerpieces, so that guests in attendance can continue the tradition for future years.

    Popular Icons

    • If your Founders Day is for a city, town, school or other entity with a physical location, design your centerpieces after the local landmarks. For a whimsical approach, play with scale; the famous town bridge doesn't have to be to scale compared with the iconic park fountain. Take a stylized approach if your art skills are lacking, using cardboard to mimic the basic shapes of various monuments. If you're stuck on how to tie everything together, paint it all one color with an eye-catching hue. For extra pizzazz, use glittery paint.

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