A List of Yoast Plugins

Joost de Valk is a WordPress developer and the founder of Yoast.com, a site with a handful of WordPress plugins and marketing tips. Yoast is best known for its powerful WordPress SEO plugin, but the site hosts a number of other useful plugins for improving the functionality and efficiency of WordPress-based sites.

  1. WordPress SEO

    • Yoast's WordPress SEO plugin lets you configure template tags to automatically add metadata to posts, which can improve the appearance of your site to search engines and visitors from search engine results. It also includes XML site map configuration, which allows you to submit a sitemap to search engines like Google and Bing. The WordPress SEO plugin lets you edit your htaccess and robots.txt file for handling various back end functions of your site. Breadcrumb functionality is also included, although you can use a separate plugin to add breadcrumbs if you want to use a different SEO plugin.

    Google Analtyics For WordPress

    • The Google Analytics plugin makes it easy to install the Google Analytics tracking code. Rather than manually paste the code into your theme, which causes you to have to repeat the process if you switch themes, the plugin enables a simple options panel for entering your code. The code is then automatically added to each page on your site. It also lets you enable additional options such as tracking page views for specific authors, per category and per post tag.

    Yoast Breadcrumbs

    • Although the Yoast Breadcrumbs function is included with the WordPress SEO plugin, users who choose a different SEO plugin can download the Yoast Breadcrumb plugin separately. Breadcrumbs add trailing links, showing the article path, and featuring categories and tags to a section of your single post template. The plugin lets you configure several options, including choosing whether or not to display the post title.

    Amazon Auto Affiliate Links

    • The Amazon Auto Affiliate Links plugin automatically adds your Amazon Affiliates ID any time an Amazon link is added to one of your posts or pages. This prevents you from having to manually log in to your Amazon Affiliates account to generate the proper link.

    Tweetbacks for WordPress

    • The Tweetbacks for WordPress plugin uses the Twitter API to automatically incorporate Twitter mentions, either by "@" tags or hashtags, into your WordPress site's comment section. If users on Twitter are tweeting about your site or about the post topic, this plugin will let site visitors know what they're saying.

    Upcoming for WordPress

    • The WordPress Upcoming plugin incorporates features from Yahoo's Upcoming function into your site. Upcoming is an event guide that lets you manage and create events. You can use this to display event calendars, either for general events or for your own event schedule. The Yoast site uses this plugin to display the owner's speaking schedule.

    SlideShare for WordPress

    • SlideShare is a Web service that lets you upload Microsoft PowerPoint presentations to the Internet to share them with others. The SlideShare for WordPress plugin lets you incorporate your shared presentations into your website, once they've been added to the SlideShare site.

    CrunchBase Widget

    • Yoast's CrunchBase widget makes it easy for you to add a CrunchBase widget to the sections in a post. Use the CrunchBase widget if you are writing an article on a particular company, industry or businessperson, and want to include more information for readers from the CrunchBase database.

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