What Is the Function of Ntdtcstp.Dll?

If you find a file named Ntdtcstp.dll on your computer, they computer may be infected with a dangerous virus which could allow someone to steal sensitive data from your machine. Fortunately, you can remove that virus by using a program that is included in recent versions of Windows.

  1. Ntdtcstp.dll

    • Ntdtcstp.dll is a dynamic link library file. While most DLL files on your computer are perfectly safe, Ntdtcstp.dll is one of the files installed by the Turkojan.A Trojan virus. The virus uses the resources contained in that file to perform various malicious actions on your computer.


    • Trojan viruses masquerade as legitimate applications such as an installation program or a stand-alone executable, but when you execute them, several files copy onto your computer without your consent. Those files contain the tools the virus needs to corrupt your system. In addition to copying the Ntdtcstp.dll file onto your hard drive, Turkojan.A also installs an executable named mstwain32.exe and edits your Windows registry; consequently, your computer will launch the virus upon booting.

      The virus has other aliases:

      Win32/Mebnac.A (CA)
      Troj/Agent-GMF (Sophos)
      Backdoor.Win32.Turkojan.ake (Kaspersky)
      BackDoor-CZP (McAfee)
      Trojan.Agent.AHAB (Sunbelt Software)
      TROJ_DELF.EFH (Trend Micro)


    • Turkojan.A is classified as a back-door virus. Back-door viruses can be particularly dangerous since they allow a third party to control your system remotely. Using a back-door virus, someone could silently activate your webcam or record the keys typed on your keyboard. Using these methods, a criminal could steal your passwords and gain access to secured personal information.


    • Fortunately, antivirus applications whose definition files are up-to-date can efficiently delete Turkojan.A from your system. If you do not wish to buy an antivirus, you can use Windows Defender to remove the virus instead. Windows Defender is a program which Microsoft Corporation provides along with recent versions of Windows. By running a full system scan with Windows Defender, you can remove any file installed by Turkojan.A from your computer. You can launch Windows Defender from within the Control Panel.

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