System Input Errors on a BlackBerry Pearl

A commonly experienced problem for BlackBerry Pearl users is the "System Input" error message. When the message appears, most users are forced to restart their phone to clear it. In most instances, the error is resolvable after undertaking a series of steps. If the error message remains after troubleshooting, you can contact your service provider for further technical help.

  1. Hard Reset

    • If you receive the “System Input” error while using your BlackBerry Pearl smartphone, hard-reset the phone. A hard reset closes out all the phone's apps and restarts it. None of your phone's data is affected by the process. Pull the phone's battery while it is still on to hard-reset it. Wait for one minute before replacing the Pearl's battery. After the phone is on and fully loaded, attempt to re-create the action you were taking when the error first occurred to determine if it has been resolved.


    • The “System Input” error on the Pearl has been known to occur when using applications that require you to input text. Applications such as the BlackBerry Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk are commonly in use when the error occurs. An issue may have occurred during the installation of the app to cause the error. Open your phone's “Advanced Options” and uninstall the application you were using when the error appeared. After it is uninstalled, restart your phone. You can reinstall the app again once the phone restarts.

    Update Software

    • Continued error messages may require you to update your phone's software. You might find that after updating the phone's software, the “System Input” error clears. Although you can update the phone directly from the handset, it is best to use BlackBerry Desktop Software to perform the action. After connecting your phone to the computer and launching Desktop Software, click “Device” in the top menu. Follow the on-screen instructions to update your phone's software. When the phone restarts, the update is complete.

    Reload Operating System

    • As a final option, you can reload the operating system on your BlackBerry Pearl smartphone. The error message is most likely due to a software problem that requires completely wiping your phone and reloading the software. All of the Pearl's data will be erased during the process. Use BlackBerry Desktop Software to reload the system. The ability to reload the software is listed under “Device” in the top menu. It can take up to 30 minutes before the phone is ready to use again.

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