Msimg32.Dll Error

Msimg32.Dll is a file that works with the graphical device interface in Windows and improves the way the interface works. If the file becomes damaged or corrupt, it can result in slowed processes, system crashes or a blue screen error that not only affects the graphical device interface, but overall computer functions as well.

  1. Msimg32.dll

    • Msimg32.dll is a component of the Windows GDI. Windows GDI allows applications to use formatted text and graphics on screen displays and during printing. The msimg32.dll component is a system process that improves the functionality of the graphical device interface. Because the file is a system process, it is necessary for Windows to work correctly and users should not remove it from a computer.

    Msimg32.dll Error

    • An msimg32.dll error may appear to users in a number of ways. It might show as "Msimg32.dll Not Found" or "Cannot find [PATH]\msimg32.dll." The user may see a message that an application failed to start because msimg32.dll is missing or cannot be located. General symptoms of the error may include slow PC performance, failure to start Windows or even the dreaded blue screen error and a total crash of the system.


    • A number of factors may contribute to the error, such as an operating system crash, a hard disk error or an error specific to the msimg32.dll file itself. While there is no one cause for the msimg32.dll error, receiving the error message generally means that the msimg32.dll file is damaged or missing and must be replaced. Replace it with a working version of the file for the system to function properly.

    Repairing the Error

    • A system recovery may be the most direct way to resolve the error issue, as it will restore the changes previously made to the file. If the recovery does not work, the file needs to be replaced. Restore the msimg32.dll from a Windows installation disc. To install, load the disc and search for "msimg32.dll" using the search tool. Place a copy in "C:\Windows\System 32" to replace the missing or corrupted file. If you do not have a disc, a copy of the msimg32.dll file from a working computer will suffice.

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