Error When Trying to Get into Picasa

Picasa, the client that interfaces with Google’s Web Albums, offers a way to organize and edit photos without risking the original photos. Sometimes, however, users encounter errors when opening Picasa. While the most common error is caused by a forgotten or mistyped password for your Google account, others occasionally occur. You can correct most of them easily by reinstalling Picasa on your computer.

  1. Uninstall Picasa

    • Reinstalling the Picasa client can resolve some errors. For computers running the Windows operating system, click "Start" and click All Programs, and then select Picasa. Load the Uninstall program by clicking it in the Picasa menu. For computers running OS X, open the Finder and then the Applications folder. Drag the Picasa application to the Trash. For either operating system, if you are going to reinstall Picasa, don’t delete the database. The database stores all your custom albums and settings.

    Reinstall Picasa

    • For both Windows and OS X, download Picasa from For Windows, double-click the downloaded installation file and accept the terms of agreement. Follow the setup program and choose where to install the application. The default location, Program Files, is a safe choice. The setup program will prompt you for the location of your photo files. For OS X, double-click the Picasa disk image. It will extract and mount on your Desktop. Under the Go menu, select Applications. Then drag and drop the Picasa icon from the mounted disk image into Applications. Double-click the Picasa icon in Applications to launch the program. The first time you run Picasa you’ll be prompted to choose the location of your photo files.

    Rebuild the Database

    • Over time, databases succumb to corruption, and sometimes this corruption can cause errors with Picasa. The database stores information only about your photos, not about the actual files, so rebuilding the database won’t result in the loss of your photos. However, it’s always a good idea to back up your data first. For users running Windows, uninstall Picasa. Once the uninstall program is running you’ll be presented with the option to remove the database. Click “Yes.” For users running OS X, open Application Support in the Library under your user name. Then open Picasa3 in the Google folder. Find the folder named db3 and drag and drop it to the Trash. Then open Picasa normally, and you will be prompted to choose a location for your existing photos. The program will recreate the database.

    Mac Network Failure Message

    • If you are using Picasa on a Mac and receive a network failure error message, changing preferences in Keychain Access can resolve the error. Open Utilities and then open Keychain Access. Under the Keychain Access menu, select Preferences. Click Certificates. In Certificate Validation, pick Best Attempt for both the Online Certificate Status Protocol and the Certificate Revocation List menus. Keep OCSP selected for the Priority setting.

    Account Is Not Enabled Error

    • If you haven’t updated Picasa in a long time, you could receive an error saying that your account isn’t enabled for Web Albums. While this error sometimes resolves itself on its own, most times updating Picasa will resolve it. If you still receive this error after updating Picasa, contact Google. As of December 2011, Google is collecting information from users receiving this error at the following Web address:

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