I Cannot View Favorites in IE8

Although Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) favorites are organized in one central location so you can launch your favorite buttons without typing their URL addresses, you can't view them if the Favorites menu is temporarily disabled. Favorites or bookmarks are links to sites you visit frequently or don't want to forget. In IE8, the Favorites menu is hidden to maximize the browsing window. However, enabling it allows you to view and organize your bookmarks.

  1. Causes

    • If you're unable to view saved favorites or bookmarks of your favorite websites and pages, the menu bar and Favorites toolbar is turned off. The menu bar is usually displayed at the top of the browsing window. It contains the Favorites menu that allows you to organize, view and delete saved bookmarks. By default the menu bar is always visible. If it's temporarily disabled, it can be enabled anytime.

    Enabling Menu Bar

    • To display the menu bar and view saved favorites, launch Internet Explorer 8 by clicking the Start menu, typing "Internet Explorer" in the search box and pressing "Enter." Click the "Tools" button, select Toolbars, and then click Menu Bar to display the menu. Click the View menu, point to Toolbars and then click Favorites Bar to enable the IE8 Favorites toolbar.

    Viewing and Managing Favorites

    • To view saved favorites, click the "Favorites" button, click the arrow next to Add to Favorites, and then click Organize Favorites. The bookmarked links are displayed in the window. Some of the links may be stored inside folders. Clicking the folders displays the bookmarks organized in the folder. Clicking the "New Folder" button allows you to create additional folders to organize bookmarks. Dragging a folder or link from one location to another keeps them organized based on your preference. Clicking a link or folder and clicking "Delete" automatically removes it from the window. Right-clicking any file and selecting Sort by Name automatically organizes the favorites alphabetically.

    Importing and Exporting Favorites

    • If you want to add favorites from another Web browser, or export bookmarks to another Web browser, IE8 allows you to import and export links. To import or export favorites, click the "Favorites" button, select Add to Favorites and then select Import and Export. From the Import/Export Settings dialogue box, click the Import from a File or Export a File option, depending on what you want to do. Select the Favorites check box and click "Next." Follow the guided prompts to complete the import or export. If you're importing links, IE8 imports from the bookmark.htm file found inside the Documents folder.

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