I Can't Cancel Android Market Downloads

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The Android Market is available on many smartphones and tablets.

The Android Market offers thousands of free and paid applications in a variety of categories. Downloads that are in progress can be canceled from the application's Android Market page. Clear the Market application's cache, or contact customer service if a download is "stuck" or continues to download after trying to cancel it.

  1. Basics

    • Android Market downloads that are in progress appear in the notification bar at the top of the device's home screen, as well as in the "My Apps" section of the Android Market application. Press your finger on the notification bar and slide it downward to view the download's progress. Pressing the “Menu” key in the Android Market application and selecting “My Apps” can view the same information.


    • Cancel an Android Market download by navigating to the application's Android Market page, via tapping the download's progress bar in the notification window or the Android Market's "My Apps" section. Press the "x" located next to the progress bar to stop it. If there are multiple downloads that you want to cancel, press the "Stop" tab in the upper-right portion of the "My Apps" section to stop all current downloads.

    Stuck Downloads

    • If you encounter an issue where a download does not stop after attempting to cancel it, you may need to clear the Android Market application's cache. Press the "Menu" key at the home screen, select "Settings," tap "Applications" and select "Manage Applications" to view the Android device's apps. Tap "All," and select "Clear Cache" and "Clear Data" for the Android Market and Download Manager applications. This process should end all current Market downloads.


    • If downloads persist after exhausting all recommended options, contact an Android Market customer service representative, or another professional associated with your specific device or service provider. Restarting your Android device, by powering it off or pulling its battery, typically will not resolve a download issue, as it will resume when the device is turned back on.

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