My Sprint EVO Won't Enable Internet Sharing

The Evo supports Internet sharing in two forms. Activate the hot spot application to turn your Evo into a wireless router, or connect with a USB cable to tether your network connection to one single computer. When you experience errors initializing the Internet sharing functions, you may be missing a setup or configuration component. Understanding the steps that Sprint requires to initialize the sharing features may help you get the most from your wireless service and your Evo.

  1. Sprint Network

    • Check for the 1X, 3G or 4G network connectivity icons on the home screen of your Evo. Your phone must be connected to the Sprint network for the Internet sharing features to function. The network connectivity icons appear in the upper right corner of your home screen, to the left of the battery and signal strength indicators.

    Mobile HotSpot

    • Press the soft key with the up-facing arrow from your home screen. Select the Sprint HotSpot application and confirm the setup. Customize the name that is broadcast to computers, to help you identify your phone in the network list. Set the network security option and input a password to secure the network. This prevents unauthorized individuals from accessing your data services. Click the check box at the top of the screen to activate the software. Connect to the phone as you would any other wireless network on your computer.


    • The HTC Sync application is required for the Internet sharing function via the USB cable to function properly. Connect a USB cable to your Evo, then plug it into an open USB port on your computer. Select the "Disk Drive" option to access the MicroSD card supplied with your Evo. Copy the HTC Sync install file to your computer and double-click the file to install the software. Tap the "HTC Sync" icon when it appears on the phone's display. When you see the "Connect to PC" screen on your phone, choose "Internet Sharing" then select "Done."


    • When your network icons are missing, or your phone fails to initialize the network, check the "Wireless Networks" section of the Settings menu. You may need to enable the network under the "Mobile Network" option. Disconnecting the mobile network may help limit your data charges. Tethering and using your Evo as a hot spot will increase your data usage. Verify your wireless contract to ensure that you have the data services to support this, or you may be charged excess fees for the data usage.

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