Funny Group Composite Picture Ideas

When you combine two or more photos in creative ways, you've created a composite picture. The technique can be as simple as cutting out two pictures and gluing them side-by-side to juxtapose them or as complex as digitally combining elements of dozens of photos to produce a new work. Compositing is a particularly effective method of creating humorous images, allowing the photographer to alter context to amusing effect. Imaging software, such as Photoshop or Microsoft Paint, can make the task easier and more naturalistic, but scissors and glue can make a satisfying image if you take great care.

  1. Sequence Composites

    • Simply placing contrasting photos side-by-side can create a humorous effect. For instance, a group of college friends could be first photographed in their caps and gowns, then in hobo costumes. Arrange identical poses and date the first photo 2012 and the second 2013. Alternatively, use two different groups wearing identical clothes and with identical props to create a funny contrast; for instance, take a group shot of your friends dressed for New Year's Eve, then photograph children wearing the same clothes and in the same pose.

    Mix-and-Match Composites

    • Plugging faces from one photo or set of photos onto the bodies of subjects in another photo can create amusing effects. Although this is usually easier to do with imaging software, which allows you to crop, mask and size photos to precise measurements, it can also be accomplished by hand with scissors and glue. Transform a fraternity group into a daycare class using this method, change football players into cheerleaders or put your friends on a set of wanted posters.

    Playing With Backgrounds

    • Simply changing the background on a photo can create a humorous photo. For instance, a group photo taken in the backyard can be transplanted to the edge of a volcano, onto the surface of the moon or onto the back of a breaching whale. Stock photos available for purchase online or for free on some sites can make a mundane group photo humorous and memorable.

    Merging With Toons

    • You can truly see your friends in the funny papers by scanning a drawing, cartoon strip or comic book page, then replacing the heads of the characters with those of your friends. This can be a particularly effective treatment for yearbook pages. One advantage with this approach is that the drawing can be easily scaled to existing photos so the match is very precise without using imaging software.

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