How to Identify Antique Movado Wind Up Watches

The Movado watch company was established in Switzerland in 1881. While the company continues to manufacture watches, the original Movado wind up watches were all crafted by hand. Due to the handmade nature of the early Movado wind up watches, distinct differences exist between original Movado wind ups and replicas.

  1. Signature

    • Many replicas and fakes of Movado wind up watches fail to engrave the Movado name on the inside portion of the back cover of the watch. To properly check this, you must unscrew the back cover and flip the cover over to see if the Movado name is engraved in this portion of the watch. In addition to the signature, checking for misspellings on the box or on the inside dial of the watch will also reveal the watch's false nature.

    Wind Up

    • Due to the high level of expertise and craftsmanship that went into antique Movado watches, there should be no movement in the case of the watch as you wind it up. In addition, the wind itself should be smooth and offer little in the way of resistance and pressure. If you are having trouble winding the watch or the wind is inconsistent, you may be dealing with a replica or fake antique Movado watch.

    Glue on Crown

    • Replica and imitation watches often glue the Movado logo onto the crown of the watch. If you look at the watch with a magnifying glass, there should be no traces of glue in and around the crown of the watch. In addition, the edges of the crown should be perfectly even. A lack of symmetry with respect to the edges is a sign that the watch is either a fake or a replica.


    • The dial on an authentic Movado watch should have no fingerprints or dust on it. The quality control department in the original Movado shop would have recalled watches with any markings or hair follicles that somehow got into or on the dial of the watch. In addition, the printing on the dial and date should be clear and have no bleed. Using a jeweler's loupe, carefully check the text to make sure it is not fuzzy and undefined.

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