70th and 75th Birthday Decorating Ideas

Birthday parties aren’t just for children. Adults enjoy a good party, too. Reaching milestone ages such as 70 or 75 are perhaps even more reason to celebrate. When making decorating decisions for the celebration consider the interests of the person being honored, the size of the party and the event location.

  1. Hobby

    • If the birthday honoree has a favorite hobby, incorporate it into the decorations. For example, create a lodge atmosphere for an avid fisherman. Decorate in natural tones such as greens, browns and blues. Bring in artificial trees, stack logs by a fireplace or near the entry and put wildflowers in simple bottle vases for centerpieces. Make lodge-style happy birthday signs by painting cardboard in a washed out style or by mounting a computer generated sign to heavy card stock.

    Fun and Games

    • Card games have long been a favorite pastime of older adults. Embrace the love for such games with a casino-style party. Red, black and white or silver and gold are typical color schemes for casino parties. Use play money to make money trees for center pieces. Create over-sized playing cards for wall decorations or birthday signs. Set up poker and blackjack tables and provide dealers. Hire a local Elvis impersonator for entertainment. Serve food buffet style and have a bar available. Or, go with a Vegas hotel theme and bring a tropical flavor to the decorations – inflatable palm trees, plastic flamingos and twinkling lights.

    Time Capsule

    • Take a step back in time and honor the decade in which the birthday boy was born. If you’re celebrating a 70th or 75h birthday in 2011 then decorate using items that reflect the 1930s or 1940s. Ask relatives for items or visit antique shops to create a time capsule display. Feature authentic period items or replicas of clothing, newspapers, books, popular toys or small inventions from the decade. Gather old photos of the birthday boy and create photo collages for centerpieces. Put fun facts from the era on small cards and scatter on the tables for conversation starters. Include facts like the cost of gas and bread, historical notes or sports trivia. If cost isn’t an issue, hire a band or DJ to play music from the time.


    • Perhaps simple and traditional is more the birthday girl’s style. Bright primary colors set the tone for a lively event. Balloons, crepe paper, dinnerware, birthday banners, confetti and party hats are all available at party stores and discount department stores in a variety of colors and styles. Designs specific to a 70th or 75th celebration are also available. Flowers and photos also go with a traditional setting.

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