What Creative Styles Are in Photography?

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Photography originated with monochrome or black-and-white photographs.
Photography originated with monochrome or black-and-white photographs.

Students majoring in photography soon realize that it involves more than “point and shoot.” The subject of photography deals with various aspects of photography including subject selection, composition for maximum effect, orchestration of light and color, developing photographs and digital enhancement. Photography centers around personal vision and making a statement that conveys a powerful message. Photography is of diverse types grouped by categories that include amateur, action, aerial, artistic, black and white, astrophotography, commercial, panoramic, scenic, night and pinhole photography.

  1. 3-D Panoramic

    • Real estate agents favor the 3-D panoramic creative photography style because it affords the viewer a 360-degree view of the subject matter. With the aid of a special viewer, it is possible to zoom in and out, and have horizontal, vertical and surrounding views of the subject. The 3-D creative style consists of a series of pictures that are “stitched” together by the photographic expert with the result that the viewer experiences the effect of standing in one place and turning around to take in the entire scene.


    • Time-lapse is the direct opposite of high-speed photography, a creative style that captures motion-blur images. The photography style blends several moments into one time-lapse picture, creating a permanent montage of an event. The time-lapse style involves shooting several pictures of the same subject over a definite time period. Melding the pictures provide the viewer with a natural progression of the time involved in the event shot.

    High-Definition Range

    • A new, creative style in photography termed high-definition range (HDR) photography creates detailed pictures. This process involves the use of special software to create digitally processed pictures. The limitations of the camera’s ability to capture the highest levels of bright light can be overcome by taking multiple pictures at varying light levels. Special software helps to recreate missing details through digital enhancement. HDR pictures can be created from one file or several exposures of a similar scene taken with a digital camera.

    Nature and Architecture

    • Nature and architecture provide mirrors in various forms including rivers, streams, lakes, highly polished floors and shining building facades. Photographers make use of reflection and mirror-style creative photography to produce exceptional photographs. A still day with little or no wind is beneficial when taking mirror-reflection photographs. A ND grad filter helps to correct the camera’s inability to capture what the eye sees. For example, reflections on water may appear darker than the actual reflection.

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