What Do You Do When You Forget Your Password for BlackBerry?

If you store your private information such as bank account numbers, sensitive messages or business documents on your BlackBerry, you don't want your device falling into the wrong hands. BlackBerry has the option to create a password for your device to protect your device. While helpful, setting a password can spell disaster if you forget the code later.

  1. Using a Password

    • When you activate your BlackBerry for the first time, the device gives you the option to create a password. After enabling the password protection, you have to enter the password to unlock the device. If you mistype the password or forget it entirely, the device will give you several opportunities to reenter your password. BlackBerry doesn't store your password and you can't retrieve a lost one.

    Data Loss

    • If you forget your password and exceed the maximum number of login attempts, your BlackBerry will wipe all of your data from the device memory and prompt you to create a new password. You can't retrieve any data wiped from your device after creating a new password. However, the password reset feature won't wipe data you saved to a removable memory card.

    Corporate BlackBerrys

    • The information technology department that acts as the administrator for your corporate BlackBerry has additional control options should you lose your password. The device will still delete all of the data saved to the internal memory. The administrator can set higher security settings that will also delete any data saved to the SD card on your device. If you forget your password, remove the SD card before attempting to guess the password, or contact your administrator.


    • Conduct regular backups of any data you have stored on your BlackBerry device, including text messages, BlackBerry messenger messages, emails, calendar events and documents. Having regularly scheduled backups will keep you from losing all of your data should you forget the password to the device. You can back up your BlackBerry data to a computer or store it on the SD card inside your device.

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