How to Use Fraps on "NBA 2K10"

Using the "Fraps" software, players of "NBA 2K10" on PC can record their gameplay footage, take screenshots of the action and benchmark the performance of their system. While Fraps is free to use there are certain limitations, such a watermark and short recording length if you do not purchase the commercial version. Fraps runs in the background while you play games such as "NBA 2K10" and the various functions are activated using special hot-keys which you can assign.

  1. Installation

    • Navigate to the Fraps website and download the latest free version of the software. Double-click the downloaded file to install the software. There is no need to install the program to the same folder as "NBA 2K10," so use the default path. Double-click the "Fraps" icon on your desktop (it looks like a computer monitor with the numbers "99" over it) to start the software. Click the "General" tab at the top of the Fraps window and click the checkbox next to each of the options you want enabled. The general settings won't have any impact on the game and can be set to suit your own taste.


    • Click the "FPS" tab at the top of the Fraps window to configure the benchmarking features. Click the blue "Change" button next to "Folder to save benchmarks in" and specify your own path. Set the hot-key that you want to use in order to start the benchmarking process while playing "NBAK 2K10." Make sure that this button does not activate something in "NBA 2K10" as well as this can cause a conflict. The "Overlay Hotkey" is what brings up a visual display of the frame rate while you play. This shows you how many frames per second your game is running.

    Video Recording

    • Click the "Movies" tab at the top of the Fraps window to bring up the settings for recording your own gameplay footage while playing "NBA 2K10." Here you set the folder to save the movies as well as the video capture hotkey. During gameplay, you press this key to start the recording process and again to stop the recording. The "Movies" tab also allows you to set the capture size, either full-size or half-size and the frame rate -- higher frames per second yield higher quality recordings but are bigger in file size.


    • Click the "Screenshots" tab at the top of the Fraps window to bring up the settings for taking your own screenshots of "NBA 2K10." Like with the "Movies" selection, you set the folder and hotkey to initiate this feature while playing. Here you are able to choose the image format you want the screenshots saved, as well as whether you want to include the frame rate overlay in the shots. Screenshots are taken every time you press the hotkey, or if you so choose, at a regular interval (which you specify) until the hotkey is pressed again.

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