Goodie Bag Crafts for Kids

Goodie bags hold special treats and toys and are typically handed out to guests at a child's birthday party or at holiday event as a token of appreciation for attending. But children can do more with a goodie bag than enjoy what's inside: They can make their own goodie bag craft. With some simple household supplies and imagination, children can create their own bag for any season or occasion.

  1. Halloween Bags

    • Children can make Halloween goodie bags and then use them to claim their own goodies during trick-or-treating. This goodie bag is best completed with a white pillow case, markers or paint and old newspaper. Place sheets of recycled newspaper inside the pillowcase and draw a Halloween character, such as a ghost or a witch, on each side of the pillowcase. Then, decorate further. Drawing over the sheets of newspaper creates a unique texture that can help bring out the character. Once finished, children are prepared to trick-or-treat in style.

    Character Goodie Bags

    • Another craft involves children's creating goodie bags based on characters from their favorite television shows. For example, one theme might involve characters from the popular show "Yo Gabba Gabba!" This craft is best done with brown paper lunch bags, computer paper, scissors and glue. Have the child draw or print out a picture of his favorite character, color it, then cut out its outline and glue it to the bag.

    Beaded Bags

    • To create a beaded goodie bag, all you need is a standard goodie bag, a hole punch, strings and beads. Simply punch holes in various places in the top of the gift bag and thread the string through them. Then, slide beads on the strings however you choose. The beads can be different colors or all of the same color and can spread out along the string or be tightly packed together. Then tie the ends of the strings to the bag. You can even further decorate the bag with a boa.

    Valentine's Day Bag

    • Creating a Valentine's Day goodie bag is an activity that's best organized by elementary school teachers to coincide with the holiday. Typically in elementary school, students exchange Valentine's Day cards and candy with each other. A properly themed goodie bag can be made using lunch bags, markers and Valentine's Day stickers and decorations. Students may even choose to staple the top of their bags together and cut a hole into the bag to mimic a mailbox for their classmates to slide their cards into.

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