Top Payment Methods on Amazon

Amazon provides several choices of payment method for both buyers and sellers that mean consumers don't have to enter their credit card details every time they purchase something through the Amazon website or payment system. Simple Pay and Checkout by Amazon are helpful tools for online merchants, while consumers shopping on Amazon can pay using the 1-Click method or using the PayPhrase feature.

  1. Simple Pay

    • Simple Pay is a payment tool for merchants. Using this method, customers can purchase products from your business using the details in their Amazon account, even if you are selling your goods on a third-party website. Amazon provide you with the HTML code to insert a Simple Pay button on your website, so this method can be helpful for business owners who don't have advanced Web development skills. While Checkout by Amazon provides more advanced functionality, Simple Pay enables your customers to pay using their Amazon details without you having to use Amazon's entire checkout system.

    Checkout by Amazon

    • Checkout by Amazon is a comprehensive payment system for merchants. Once you have installed Checkout by Amazon on your website, you can keep track of real-time shipping and tax calculations, orders and stock inventory. You can also run promotions using this tool and customize it to match the appearance of your website. As a seller, you are also protected from fraudulent chargebacks under Amazon's payment protection policy when using the Checkout service.


    • PayPhrase is a security tool for customers purchasing goods through the Amazon website or using the Amazon payment system on a third-party website. Instead of typing in your username and password every time you want to purchase something, you can create a memorable phrase that gives you immediate access to your account so that you can checkout. You can create different PayPhrases for different shipping addresses, and parents can set monthly limits on each PayPhrase for teenagers and students to restrict the amount they can purchase.


    • The 1-Click payment method also speeds up the traditional online checkout process. Instead of selecting a shipping address and payment method in separate steps, customers using this payment method go straight to the confirmation stage. If you have the 1-Click payment method activated on your account, Amazon selects your default payment method and shipping address and automatically processes your order when you press the 1-Click payment button. You can edit the payment method and shipping address associated with the 1-Click ordering system in your account.

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