Unique Mickey Mouse Party Ideas

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Plan the ideal Mickey Mouse party for your child.

Many children adore Mickey Mouse, the beloved Disney character that has been around since 1928. A Mickey Mouse-theme birthday party is one your child and his friends will remember for years. From the invitations to the games, all you need are some unusual party ideas and a creative imagination.

  1. Invitations

    • Print pictures of Mickey Mouse and write the party details on the back of the pictures. You can also cut the shape of Mickey’s face and ears out of black construction paper. Draw on his face using paint pens and write the party details on the back. Another idea is to purchase several Mickey Mouse ears online. Roll up the party invitations and tape them to the Mickey ears. Hand-deliver the invitations to your party guests.


    • Decorate the party area with Mickey Mouse-theme decorations that are available at party stores and online. If you want to get creative, make some of your own decorations. For example, paint three polystyrene foam balls, one large and two medium, with black acrylic paint. Place the large ball on a wooden dowel and glue the medium balls to the large ball to create the ears of Mickey Mouse. Put polystyrene foam in a flowerpot and place the wooden dowel in the flowerpot. Make several of these Mickey heads for decoration. Use red, black and yellow party decorations like balloons, streamers and tableware.


    • As each party guest arrives, have an older teen or adult paint the guest's face like Mickey Mouse. Give each guest a pair of Mickey Mouse ears to wear during the party. After the party ends, the guests can keep the ears as mementos. Play Mickey Mouse cartoons on a television for children to watch. Another idea is to have an adult wear a Mickey Mouse costume to the party to greet and take pictures with the party guests.


    • Play a game of Pin the Nose on Mickey Mouse; the child who pins the nose closest to the correct spot wins the game. Create a treasure hunt by hiding Mickey Mouse party favors all over the party area. The child who finds the most favors wins the game and an additional prize. Instead of Duck, Duck, Goose, have the children play Mickey, Mickey, Goofy. Reward game winners with prizes, such as Mickey Mouse-theme coloring books, toys, crayons and activity books, to encourage them to play along.

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