Romantic Crafts for a Girlfriend

Buying a gift for your girlfriend can make her feel special, but making your own can be even better, especially if you are short on cash. If you put thought and effort into a craft for your girlfriend, she will feel touched that you took the time to make her something special. While there are a variety of different craft ideas, it is important to choose the one that best suits your girlfriend. Think about what she likes and what she finds romantic, and make her a craft that she will cherish forever.

  1. Love Collage

    • A love collage is an effective way to communicate your feelings if you have trouble doing it in any other way. Look through magazines and cut out pictures and words that describe your love for your girlfriend. Find pictures of hearts and things that she loves. Cut out words such as "love," "sweetheart" and "forever." Arrange and glue them on to a large piece of cardboard. You can put a picture of the two of you in the middle of the collage. Put the finished collage in a picture frame and present it to her.


    • All couples have memories that they share together. Memorialize your relationship with a scrapbook of your history together. Buy a scrapbook or photo album and add objects that symbolize your relationship. Begin with pictures from your early days together. If you have saved notes that you wrote to each other or ticket stubs from an early date, put them in the scrapbook. Organize it chronologically with pictures, keepsakes and memorabilia from your time as a couple. Affix a picture of you and your girlfriend to the cover of the scrapbook.


    • Some romantic crafts work well depending on your girlfriend's tastes. If your girlfriend is an avid reader, romantic bookmarks are the craft for you. Cut construction paper or posterboard into strips roughly 6-by-1 inch. Decorate them with rubber stamps of hearts and write a different love message on each bookmark. Give them to your girlfriend and tell her that every time she opens her book, she will be able to think of you.


    • Making your own jewelry is a challenge but makes an excellent romantic craft if you can pull it off. The easiest option is to go to a local bead or jewelry store. Purchase jewelry wire, a clasp and beads. Ask a store employee to help you decide on color patterns. String the beads on to the bracelet to make a craft your girlfriend will love. You can also make a charm bracelet using plastic paper that shrinks in the oven. Draw a romantic symbol or write a message on the paper, bake it in the oven for a few minutes and attach it to a bracelet.

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