Concepts in Wood Bookcases

Concepts in Wood is a major manufacturer of bookcases and related products. Although many of its products are described as office furniture, Concepts in Wood bookcases are appropriate for many types of homes, including formal and casual settings. While some of their products are similar to those from competitors, Concepts in Wood bookcases should be among those homeowners consider when redecorating or wanting to add more storage space to a home.

  1. Types

    • Concepts in Wood offers bookcases across a wide range of types. They range from low, wide three-shelf units that are just 36 inches tall, to 12-shelf cases that are 84 inches tall. All Concepts in Wood bookcases are 10 5/8 inches deep, a standard depth that will accommodate the majority of books. They all also feature adjustable shelves for customized shelf height, though not every shelf on every model is adjustable.

    Styles and Materials

    • All Concepts in Wood bookcases feature the same basic styling: The shelves have clean edges, and the cases have minimal decoration. The sides are straight, and the bases do not have any molding of trim, giving them a clean, modern look. Concepts in Wood sells its bookcases in three finishes: black, oak and cherry. The black cases have a modern style while the cherry and oak finishes blend modern styling with a traditional finish. Concepts in Wood uses particleboard construction with wood veneer surfaces for all of its bookcases.

    Pricing and Availability

    • Most major office furniture suppliers sell Concepts in Wood bookcases. These products are generally available online and in retail stores. Prices vary by model and retailer. Some of Concepts in Wood's smaller bookcases sell for around $150 whereas larger models cost more than $300. Discount promotions, sales and rewards programs cause even more variation in pricing among retailers.


    • Concepts in Wood bookcases are designed to pair with the company's other products. These include primarily office furniture, such as writing desks and storage cabinets. Concepts in Wood also makes letter organizers and multi-piece work stations in the same black, cherry and oak finishes as its bookcases, allowing homeowners and decorators to match finishes perfectly.

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