Test Tube Craft Ideas


Although test tubes are mainly used in the laboratory, with a creative approach, its unique shape and variety of sizes can make it one of the best craft materials. Plastic and glass test tubes can easily be turned into packaging or containers for different kinds of craft items for different occasions.

Halloween Goodies Packaging

  • Take a bag of fruit-flavored candies, gummy bears or some candy corn. Group the candy into different colors. Place one color of candy into one clean test tube and cover it with a cork stopper. Tie same-colored ribbons near the top of the tubes. Print out Halloween figures onto card stock paper, along with candy tags like “Frankie’s Poop,” “Vampire Blood,” “Bat Droppings” and “Ghost Ectoplasm.” Glue the labels onto the figures. Glue the labeled figures onto the ribbons and pop the tubes into a rack, and hand the rack out to trick-or-treaters.

Seed Packaging

  • Buy flower seeds with instructions on how to grow them. Print the seed names and instructions on linen paper. Make the printouts as small as you can, but still readable. Roll them or simply fold them in half to make tiny cards. Thread the paper onto some string or twine, and tie the string or twine near the top of the test tube. Fill each test tube with one kind of flower seed and seal with a cork stopper. You can use this craft as giveaways for special occasions, such as weddings, christenings and baby showers.

Glass Window Vase

  • For this project, you need a thin copper wire, some beads, a test tube and super glue. Take a length of thin copper wire and thread it with some beads. Secure the wire’s end with a knot or loop. Secure one end near the top of a test tube. Spread glue all over the test tube body below the tied wire and wind or coil the beaded wire around the test tube. Take a tiny hook and attach it to the wire near the top of the test tube. Hook the tube setup onto suction cups on your window. You can put plastic flowers into your test tube vase or any other ornamental design that can fit into the test tube.


  • Take a 20-gauge wire and wind it around a test tube up to a level about one centimeter from the tube top. Loop it at one end. When the spring coil is finished, remove the test tube. You now have your test tube basket holder. Carefully thread beads onto the coil till you cover the whole length. Create another loop at the other end to secure the beads and place the test tube into the beaded coil. Take a tiny printout of a poem or prayer, roll it and place inside the tube, along with more beads to fill around a third of your tube inside. Take a small length of wire a few centimeters longer than a cork stopper, insert straight through a stopper and loop both ends to secure. Put glue on the stopper rim and cover the tube with the stopper. You can use this craft as a charm.

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