Will Dish Network & DirecTV Satellite Dishes Work With Bell ExpressVu?


Bell TV, formerly known as Bell ExpressVu, Dish Network Canada and ExpressVu Dish Network, offers satellite TV services in Canada. When you subscribe to their services, they install a new dish along with the receiver, often at no additional charge. Depending on the service package you subscribe to, they may be able to use a dish from a different company, but would prefer not to.

Dish Types

  • Dishes vary in design to pick up more signals and may have one, two or three feed horns, each with a low noise block down-converter (LNB). Each feed horn points at a specific satellite, and each LNB has its individual cable connection to a receiver. When Bell TV installs their equipment, they use a dish that conforms to the requirements of the service package you order. The more channels you want, the more LNBs the system may require. When you change to Bell TV, they suggest you let them install a new dish.

DirecTV Dish

  • At the time of publication, DirecTV is not available in Canada. If you take a DirecTV dish to Canada, it will work from a technical standpoint. However, Bell TV will not offer a warranty for the dish and, depending on the service area, may be reluctant to install it. You would most likely have to install it yourself. You would still need a Bell TV receiver to convert the satellite signals to use on you TV, which requires a service contract. To avoid confusion and potential problems, your best option is to install new Bell TV equipment when you subscribe to the service.

Dish Network Dish

  • Because Bell TV was formerly Dish Network Canada, older dishes with the Dish Network logo may still be found in Canada, but with Bell TV service. These dishes remain working with the service packages used when they were initially installed. If you upgrade your service, Bell TV may install a newer dish with two feedhorns and LNBs to acquire more signals. Although the dish may be similar in design to the Dish Network models used in the United States, the new dish would bear the Bell TV logo.

Far North

  • Satellites orbit above the equator at the same speed and direction as the Earth's rotation, keeping them in the same position with respect to the Earth. The azimuth angle of a dish depends on which satellite it points to. The elevation angle depends on how far north the dish is located. The farther north, the closer the dish must point to the horizon and the longer the distance the signal must travel. In some far north locations, you need a larger dish. Standard-size Dish Network and DirecTV dishes would not work in this application. Contact Bell TV for appropriate equipment for your location.

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