Project Ideas for Mom's Birthday for Kids


Mom's birthday is always a super-special occasion. Many times kids are interested in doing something special for their mother. Making a birthday craft project for and with mom is a genuine way to express love and admiration in a way that giving store-bought presents cannot. A craft idea that kids can make happen for mom yields a thoughtful birthday present.

Homemade Coupons

  • Coupons that are only redeemable by mom show her how much you care. Coupon ideas include "Good for One Hug," "Free Dish Washing" or "Day Off on Laundry Day." Use clip art or cutouts from magazines glued onto pages in a small spiral notebook, so mom can tear them out as she redeems the coupons. Print out the coupon title and what it is good for at redemption. Use colored markers or crayons to decorate the edges of the coupons.

Special Culinary Delight

  • Fix mom a sumptuous feast for her favorite meal. If mom loves a grand breakfast, for example, make one specifically for her. An adult can help with this project. Start with a melon-ball fruit cup -- stack the melon balls into a pyramid shape in a low bowl. Create a fabulous omelet with cheese, green pepper and onion. Make mom's favorite English muffin or canned biscuit. Top it off with a large glass of her favorite juice and a steaming mug of coffee. Place it all on a large paper place mat with a happy birthday greeting in the center.

M-O-M Birthday Bracelet

  • Make mom a bracelet that spells M-O-M. An adult can help with this project. Cut a 12-inch piece of elastic thread. String a single bead and tie it at one end to secure it on the thread. String colored beads onto the thread, until the thread is half loaded with beads. Add on letter beads that spell out M-O-M, or even Happy Birthday Mom, and finish up with more colored beads until the thread is fully loaded. Tie the ends in a knot.

Handprint in Wax

  • An adult can help with this project. Get a flat microwave-safe container about 1/2 inch deep. Place wax paper in the bottom of the container and cut flat squares of paraffin or candle wax until the container is full of wax. Heat the container in the microwave gradually until the wax begins to soften. When the wax is warm enough to work but not hot, use your hands to press the wax firmly into the corners. Remove the wax from the container, peel off the wax paper and carefully replace the wax in the container upside down, with the perfectly flat side up. Use a ruler to scribe a line across the middle of the wax block. Place your hand on one side and put a book on top of it. Press down firmly on the book until your hand makes a deep impression in that side of the wax block. Remove your hand and, while the wax is still warm, scribe a loving note to mom for her birthday on the other, blank side of the wax block.


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