What Does the Dollmaster's Mace Do in "Fable: The Lost Chapters"?

“Fable: The Lost Chapters” is an expanded, re-released version of the "Fable" fantasy roleplaying game. “F:TLC” was released in September 2005 only for Windows and Xbox. This game includes all the content included in the original "Fable" game, including the Dollmaster's Mace, as well as extra monsters, weapons, towns, building armor and more complex nonplayer character interactions.

  1. Location

    • This ornate mace can be obtained from the Demon Door located on the Abandoned Road. The Abandoned Road is an extremely long road leading to Twinblade, a bandit camp. The region initially contains large numbers of bandits, but they won't bother you after you finish “Find the Bandit Seeress.” This area also contains six treasure chests, five of which contain bandit gear, and the sixth of which contains a Resurrection Phial.

    Demon Door

    • To obtain the Dollmaster's Mace, you must successfully complete the Demon Door's Challenge. This door requires you to obtain and wear the Bright Plate Outfit, talk to the door and then obtain and wear the Dark Will User's Outfit to impersonate an evil mage. Finally, wear the Bandit Outfit when you talk to the door. Wearing the outfits out of order does nothing.


    • The Dollmaster's Mace has a value of 33,075 gold and uses up one augmentation slot. Despite its size, it is rated as a lightweight weapon. The Dollmaster's Mace is capable of doing 135 damage and has a mana-type augmentation. It is not the most powerful weapon in “Fable: The Lost Chapters,” but is capable of doing equivalent damage to that of an obsidian weapon.


    • While the Dollmaster's Mace is the strongest mace in the game, it is not the most powerful lightweight legendary weapon. The Cutlass Bluetane is a lightweight cleaver that does 165 damage, as does Ranok the Axe. The Harbinger is a light longsword that does 198 damage. Katana Hiryu provides 215 points of damage while still maintaining a low encumbrance factor.

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