What Can I Put in My Yard to Keep the Dog from Digging?

If your pooch is turning your yard into into a crude mishmash of holes, stopping her incessant digging may be easier than you think. Dog owners who are fed up with their canine's excessive hole-digging will be interested to learn there is a wide assortment of easily obtainable items that can be placed in your yard to prevent doggy digging.

  1. Sandbox

    • If your dog absolutely refuses to stop digging, purchase a sandbox for your yard. This will give your pooch a place to work off his excess energy while protecting your lawn. As an added bonus, if you have small children in the house, a sandbox is an excellent piece of backyard playground equipment.


    • If you live in a warm climate, there's a good chance your dog is digging to escape the heat. Dogs who can't stand hot weather often dig holes to provide themselves with cool places to lie down. By putting a doghouse in your yard, you'll be offering your pooch a convenient place to cool off and avoid harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.


    • As some canines dig holes alongside fences as a means of escape, rocks can be an effective tool in curbing this habit. Place large rocks along the base of the fence to prevent your dog from producing more holes. Such rocks can generally be found at home and garden stores and will double as attractive outdoor decorations.


    • If you're running low on ideas and patience, blow up some balloons and bury them in your dog's favorite digging spots. The next time he digs, he'll be greeted with the unpleasant sound of balloons popping. This should give him quite a scare and make him think twice before digging more holes.

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