Teddy Bear Picnic Preschool Crafts


Teddy bears at a picnic is a popular theme that has been used in classroom lessons, books, songs and movies. Crafts centered around teddy bears are appealing to kindergarteners and other young children, allowing them to have fun and indulge their creativity while at the same time practicing motor coordination, shape recognition and other skills important to educational development. You can even hold your very own teddy bear picnic after finishing your craft, allowing children to put their creations to good use.

Teddy Bear Art

  • Cut out sponges in the shape of bears or teddy bear heads, dab them on an ink pad, and use them to decorate sheets of colored construction paper. Alternatively, use bear-shaped cookie cutters dipped in paint to create teddy bear masterpieces. Use markers to add picnic baskets, blankets, other animals and even accessories such as hats or jackets for the bears. Stickers can also be used to embellish the artwork.

Teddy Bear Air Fresheners

  • Cut out a piece of cardboard in the shape of a bear or teddy bear that's about 6 inches long and about 4 inches tall. Use a paint brush to paint one side of the cardboard with glue. Sprinkle cinnamon, nutmeg, ground cloves, coffee grounds, shredded coconut, crushed tea leaves or other sweet-smelling edibles that might be found at a picnic onto the glue and allow it to dry. Staple a rubber band to the top of the bear and hang the air freshener.

Picnic Place Mats

  • Cover your work area with newspaper. Lay out a piece of construction paper; the size is up to you but it should be about the size of a standard place mat (about 10 by 16 inches). Cut a sponge into a perfect square. Dab the sponge onto a ink pad and use it to create a checker board pattern on the construction paper. Add bear stickers or stamps to further decorate the construction paper. Laminate the place mat or cover it with clear contact paper. Use the place mats at a real picnic, teddy bears invited.

Teddy Bear Picnic Hats

  • Cut the bottom one-third off of a paper coffee cup. Use craft glue to glue the bottom one-third of the cup to the center of a small paper plate. Allow the glue to dry and then paint the hat as desired with craft paint. Use a hole punch to a punch two holes in the rim (paper plate) of the hat, one on each side. String a piece of elastic through the holes and knot the elastic to secure it. Decorate the rim of the hat with pom-poms, feathers, buttons or other embellishments. Place the hat on a teddy bear and position the elastic under the bear's chin.

Teddy Bear Lunch Box

  • Place the lid of a shoe box on the shoe box. Lift one edge of the lid slightly. Place strips of painter's tape along the inside and outside of the strip where the other side of the lid and the box connect, forming a hinge. Paint the entire outside of the box as desired. Add stickers, teddy bear cutouts or other embellishments. Cut a strip of cardboard or ribbon about 1 inch wide and 4 inches long and staple the ends of it to the top (lid of the box) to create a handle.

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