Romantic Engraving Ideas for Men

Demonstrate your commitment to the man in your life by getting him a gift that features an engraving. Personalized gifts, especially those marked by engravings, are thoughtful and romantic in their timelessness, as well as in the messages they convey. Think carefully about what you want your engraving to say, since its romantic impact will come primarily from what you choose to express, regardless of how elaborate the gift is.

  1. Mug or Cup

    • Order an engraved coffee mug or metal beer colander for your man. Every time he drinks from it, he will read your message and be reminded of your feelings for him. Giving him a daily reminder of how you love and support him is romantic, and may even help ward off minor disagreements. Many online retailers will engrave beverage receptacles. Tailor your choice to the personal tastes and interests of your significant other. Engrave the mug or flask with a sweet and funny inside joke, the date of your anniversary or an affectionate phrase.

    Picture Frame

    • Place your favorite picture of you and the man in your life in a picture frame engraved with a personalized message. Frames come in a variety of materials, from porcelain to pewter. Opt for ornate engravings or words you have chosen carefully. Write something that commemorates the moment the picture was taken.


    • Purchase an engraved mailbox for the man in your life. This gift is especially appropriate if you are moving into a new home together for the first time. Order a mailbox engraved with your names and address, as well as a personalized message that commemorates this important new phase in life and the excitement that awaits you in the future. An engraved mailbox conveys your sentiments regarding the new life you are beginning together.


    • Get your significant other an engraved ring. Surreptitiously borrow a ring he already owns, or purchase a new ring. Engrave the inside of the ring if you want your message to remain secret. If you want him to be able to show the engraving to others, engrave the outer surface. The man in your life will appreciate the romantic touch, as he will be able to wear your words around his finger at all times and read them whenever he likes. Most jewelry shops offer engraving services.

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