Superhero Camp Themes


Most days, superheroes are fighting crime and saving the world one helpless victim at a time. Show kids how to be strong, too, at camp with days centered around specific topics of superheroes. When deciding what themes to incorporate, consider the basic necessities of a superhero. By the end of the week at camp, kids will know how to dress, eat and be powerful just like their favorite superhero.

Superhero Costume Theme

  • Superheroes are not superheroes unless they are in costume. Encourage camp kids to dress in their favorite superhero costume at camp. Costumes are typically found around Halloween but they may be sold in the toy section or through an independent costume-maker. Once kids arrive at camp, have them introduce themselves as their costumed alter-ego. Additionally, help kids make up their own superhero names.

Superhero Game Theme

  • Play games that bring out the superhero in campers. Surprise campers with games devoted to building their super muscles and chasing villains. Create a Hulk-inspired weight-lifting challenge by placing two pieces of large foam on a light PVC pipe. Paint the foam, and the pipe, black or red. Create two or three different sets of weights and let the kids have challenges to see who can lift the most weight. Because superheroes must maneuver around a lot of obstacles when they fight crime, create an obstacle course to help campers get into shape. Set up hula hoops to run through, limbo sticks to walk under and tires to jump through to win the competition. Other games can include a seek-and-find, scavenger hunt or running competition.

Superhero Food Theme

  • Superheroes need their strength so they can run fast and catch bad guys. Keep camp kids fueled by serving snacks high in protein. Cut sandwiches into shields to reflect Captain America's fighting weapon or cut them into bats using a cookie cutter. Feed campers a superhero munch mix of rice cereal, pretzels, granola and popcorn. Mix a red fruit drink and a blue fruit drink in separate pitcher. Pour the drinks in ice cube trays to freeze. Serve the kids water with red and blue ice cubes.

Superhero Crafts Theme

  • Help kids make superhero crafts for a day at superhero camp. Create a cape out of a large fabric square. Give kids paint and markers to create their own superhero cape just like Batman or Superman. Color or paint large paper bags green and make a mask to resemble the Hulk. Other crafts might include creating Captain America's shield out of cardboard, a headpiece out of construction paper to resemble Wolverine or a face mask for Batman.

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