A Handmade Gift a Teen Can Make for Their Little Brother

Kids very much like to participate in hands-on craft projects, and making crafts that they can give to delight a little brother will add to the fun (and save the hassle and expense of trying to find the perfect store-bought gift). There are several fast, simple and creative options for handmade gifts that teens can make for their little brothers.

  1. Cool Can

    • Decorate cans and punch holes in lids to make piggy banks.
      Decorate cans and punch holes in lids to make piggy banks.

      Turn an old paint can into a piggy bank. Prep it by pouring out and washing off any remaining paint and removing the label. Punch a hole in lid, put it back on the can, and then paint on dollar signs and dollar bills along with an appropriate phrase, e.g., “Matthew’s Piggy Bank” or “Pedro’s Cash.” Glue on several randomly placed nickels, dimes and pennies or arrange them to spell out your little brother’s initials.

    Fun Cushion

    • Teens can make a personalized pillow, either a big floor pillow for playing and lying on, an accent pillow for a bed, or a little decorative pillow to sit on a bookshelf. Simply cut two squares of fabric to the desired size, sew three sides closed about a half inch in from the edges, stuff the pillow and sew the last side closed. You can personalize it for your little brother in a number of ways. Use a fabric with strips of his favorite colors or one with a fun print, or use fabric glue to spell out his name/initials on the pillow using shoelaces or cord.

    Wacky Magnets

    • Collect caps from bottles of juice and beer, and can use them to make customized refrigerator magnets. Start by spray painting each cap as desired. Let it dry, then glue a small magnet to the inside of the cap. Let the glue dry, then decorate the front of the cap to personalize it for your little brother. Stick on a spaceship, baseball or dinosaur sticker, or paint on his initials. Finish it magnet by spraying on a coat of clear varnish.

    Sweet Eats

    • He'll love a candy jar gift.
      He'll love a candy jar gift.

      Making a candy jar is another good idea. Wash out an empty pasta sauce, salsa, or jelly jar and lid and remove the label. Allow to thoroughly air dry and then decorate by painting on blocks of color, shapes, and pictures, or just “Sweet Treats for PJ” or “Peter’s Candy Jar.” On the underside of the lid, use a permanent marker to write a “to/from” message and the date. Lastly, fill the jar with your little brother’s favorite candy.

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