Paving Styles for Tudor Homes

No matter how grand or how modest your Tudor home is, it demands stone paving. Whatever type of stone, color or pattern you use for your driveway, you need to repeat it for your patio or courtyard. Never denigrate the architecture of your home with poured concrete unless you have it stamped and stained to complement your Tudor.

  1. When in Doubt, Go Brick

    • Brick pavers in a herringbone pattern
      Brick pavers in a herringbone pattern

      The beauty of going with brick is that it comes in different shades to complement the color of the roof and trim of your Tudor home. Bricks are virtually skidproof, easy to clean and painless to replace. You can create designs with the bricks to follow the contours of your home or garden. Bricks are readily available and not as expensive as other materials.

    Steep Expanse of Slate Roof

    • The steep expanse of a Tudor home's roof offers a great showcase for distinctive slate tiles. This same material can be found as paving for your sidewalk, driveway or patio. There is a pattern of laying slate paving that is distinctly Tudor. It consists of one large square tile with a 1/2-length rectangle followed by two rectangles on the bottom and two on the side of the square.

    Limestone, Cobblestone

    • Limestone, which can be cut to your specified shapes and sizes, and cobblestone also make excellent choices to enhance the ambience of your Tudor home. You can have either one installed in any design or pattern that you feel will complement your lifestyle and taste. A popular pattern is a repeating scallop design. Limestone and cobblestones, like brick, can be easily maintained and replaced if damaged.

    More Affordable Options

    • A plain concrete sidewalk or driveway leading to a Tudor is "just not done," because it detracts from the feel of the Tudor style and reduces the home's value. However, concrete is being used in a variety of ways to complement the Tudor style in a more cost-effective way. Concrete or aggregate can be molded into almost any desired form and dyed any color. Stamped and stained concrete is another less expensive option.

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