Board Game Character Costume Ideas


People love to dress up as their favorite characters from popular culture, and people enjoy board games, so try combining both and create a board game character costume. You can take inspiration for recognizable characters from some of the well-established board games released during the 20th century. Or, you could craft a character around an actual component from a board game, such as a chess piece.

Clue Characters

  • The six characters from the detective game “Clue” have become famous. The characters include Mrs. White, who wears a white apron in the style of a cook, as well as a blue brooch. Grey your hair using white powder, too. Men can adopt the Colonel Mustard look. The basis of this is a faded-looking yellow suit, complete with military badges. Miss Scarlet, meanwhile, simply wears a long red evening dress. To complete any outfit, carry a murder weapon from the game, such as a plastic revolver or a candlestick.


  • The pieces from the ancient game of “Chess” can become characters when you bring them to life. For a king or queen costume, for example, you’ll need a long robe or regal gown, colored both black and white. The items you wear underneath should be plain, but match this black and white motif. Wear a crown on your head and add jewelry, again in black and white if possible.

Risk Soldier

  • The strategy board game “Risk” comes supplied with armies of little plastic soldiers. You could adopt almost any military uniform for these characters, but many editions of the game show soldiers wearing British Redcoat-style outfits on the box packaging. The basis of such a costume comes in the form of a red military jacket, which falls to the waist and usually has gold or white lining and embroidery. Add a pair of white pants, black military boots and a plastic rifle.

Monopoly Man

  • The jolly figure from the “Monopoly” board game is a simple costume choice. You’ll need a black suit, complete with white shirt and a black top hat. Add a red bow tie and carry a cane, preferably one in silver. You can complement the costume with fake facial hair in the form of a gray mustache.


  • A snake from the classic board game “Snakes and Ladders” is difficult to put together as a full-body costume unless you have plenty of discarded snake skin or something that looks like it lying around. Instead, try painting your face like a snake. Use colors such as yellows, greens and reds to create patterns to resemble a snake’s scales. Paint a red forked tongue emerging from your mouth, and little white fangs under your lips. Wear clothing in matching colors to complement the face makeup.

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