Decorating Ideas for a Glitz & Glam Party

A glitzy and glamorous party brings out the Hollywood star in anyone. To truly make your glitz and glam party a success, integrate decorative items like glitter and gold. Add some sparkly homemade items to give your party extra pizzazz. Rely on your own ideas of glitz and glamour to truly make the party your own.

  1. Tabletops

    • Alert your party guests to the refreshments table by making an eye-catching tabletop display. Place a silver tablecloth over the table, then spread an assortment of sequins and glitter over the cloth. Make a centerpiece by gathering a flower vase and some jewelry. Fill the vase to the top with the jewelry. Insert a set of fancy flowers into the vase on top of the jewelry.

    Doorways and Archways

    • Hang feather boas over doorways and archways to give the party space a special touch. Make your own beaded door openings by gathering up some plastic silver string and rings. Tie a ring to the silver string every few inches until you have a ring-adorned string long enough to hang from the archway to a foot off the floor. Tack several of these at the top of the archway until they cover the opening.


    • Make a Hollywood star for every party guest before the event. Do this by first drawing a star onto a piece of cardboard, then cutting it out with a utility knife. Engrave the name of the "star" and then spray paint the cardboard gold. Add little flecks of brown to the star once it has dried to make it look worn. Instead of putting the stars on the ground, tape them to the walls. Print out some pictures of things you find glamorous or glitzy and frame them; hang them on the walls.

    Other Ideas

    • Place a red carpet leading to the party from outside. Set up some director's chairs around the party space to give the impression of a movie set. Hang champagne glasses and champagne bottle from the ceiling. Prop up some cardboard silhouettes of stars like Marilyn Monroe around the party space to create a Hollywood environment.

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