How to Make a "Why I Love You" Book as a Holiday Gift


Anyone would be touched to receive a thoughtful book listing all of his lovable qualities. Sit down in a quiet place and give yourself plenty of time to write up a list of things to include in a special “Why I Love You” book.

Fill the Book

  • Dedicate each page of the book to a single attribute or memory. The more reasons you give for loving the recipient, the bigger the book will be. Include illustrations or photos on pages where appropriate. For example, if one of your reasons is "I love you because you are always the first person on the dance floor," include a photo of him dancing on the same page. Illustrate positive qualities if you can. Include children in the process of making the book. Give each child a few of the reasons you've written and ask them to illustrate each one on a separate sheet of paper. Choose qualities that are easy for them to draw. Write a caption under each drawing that matches those on the other pages and distribute the children's contributions throughout the book.

Be Specific

  • When listing your loved one's qualities, the more specific you are, the more personal and meaningful the book is. Instead of writing “I love how smart you are,” try writing something more concrete, such as “I love how you always win at Trivial Pursuit.” Instead of writing “I love that you’re a good driver,” try “I love riding with you in your truck, especially when we drive on the highway at night.”

Head to Toe

  • Think about the subject of the book and make a long list of the things you love about him, from his head to his toes. List every quality, even the smallest freckles, as long as they are things you love. You may include physical details and metaphors. For example, write “I love the way your hair falls across your eyes when you’re sleepy” or “I love how you dance with so much joy, even though you have two left feet.” Dedicate an entire page to each quality and place them in order of head to toe from beginning to end. The cover might be titled "Why I Love You From Head to Toe" or "Reasons Why I Love Every Part of You."

Be a Bit Silly

  • You don’t have to be completely serious when listing what you love about someone. A “Why I Love You” book is a wonderful way to remember personal jokes, pet names and funny incidents you experienced together. Think about odd or silly things she does, funny words she uses or favorite goofy dance moves she does in the kitchen to make you laugh. Celebrate your funniest moments together.

Favorite Kisses

  • For a fun twist on the “Why I Love You” book idea, make a “Our Greatest Kisses” book. Fill the pages with memories of your favorite kisses as a couple. On each page, write a date, location and memory of a special kiss. Try to think of at least 10 examples and devote an entire page to each example. Use descriptive language and be as specific as possible -- for example: Favorite Kiss Number One; April 17, 2009; East River State Park. The description might read, “It was sunset on the river and you pulled me close. We were looking over Manhattan and watching the skyscrapers light up. We kissed while a guitar player began strumming behind us.” Include relevant photos from those moments or dates if possible.

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