How to Add Maps to MapSource

You add maps to the MapSource software application that synchronizes with various models of Garmin GPS devices by using a stand-alone installation program. Download and install the Moagu "MapSet Toolkit" from The MatSet Toolkit provides an interface for adding maps in the format of Garmin IMG files to the MapSource application. Once you add the map to MapSource, and the Garmin GPS device synchronizes with the MapSource software, the new maps appear on the GPS.

Things You'll Need

  • MapSource, installed
  • MapSet Toolkit, installed
  • IMG map file


    • 1

      Right-click on the Windows "Start" button and click "Open Windows Explorer."

    • 2

      Navigate to and click on the "Garmin" folder located at "C:\Garmin." The contents of the folder display in the right navigation pane.

    • 3

      Right-click inside the pane and click "New." Click "Folder" to create a new folder in the Garmin directory.

    • 4

      Right-click again on the folder and click "Rename." Type a name for the folder that corresponds to the contents of the map; for example, "Texas." This is the name that will appear in the drop-down box in the MapSource interface.

    • 5

      Drag the IMG file from its current location and drop the file into the new folder. Do not rename the IMG file. The IMG file will have a series of numerals as its name. These must stay intact.

    • 6

      Open the MapSet Toolkit application.

    • 7

      Click the "File" option in the top navigation bar of the MapSet Toolkit, and then click "Select IMG File." A file navigation window launches.

    • 8

      Navigate to and click on the IMG map file. Click the "Add" button. The IMG file adds to the toolkit.

    • 9

      Type a name for the new map set. Use the same name as the folder you created in the previous step. Using the same example, name the map "Texas" at this point in the installation.

    • 10

      Type a four-digit product code. Any four-digit number will work as long as it does not conflict with other existing product codes on the device.

    • 11

      Click on the "cgpsmapper.exe" option in the lower-left corner of the interface to select the executable.

    • 12

      Check the checkbox labeled "Install in MapSource."

    • 13

      Check the "Blank Overview Maps" option.

    • 14

      Click the "Start" button to install the map to the MapSource program.

    • 15

      Open MapSource. The new map now appears as a selection in the drop-down box in the upper- right corner of the MapSource interface.

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