How to Decorate a Lace Crocheted Tablecloth

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A lace crocheted tablecloth will give any room in your house a classy touch when decorated correctly.

A lace tablecloth gives a classic and elegant touch to any room, but without the right embellishments, the tablecloth can look old and out of place. A lace tablecloth can be a classy, traditional addition to your home decor and the right placement and usage of a few embellishment will give the look a more modern feel while keeping the integrity of the lace crocheted style.

Things You'll Need

  • Lace crocheted tablecloth
  • Ribbon
  • Thread
  • Beads
  • Scissors
  • Candles
  • Large empty glass bowl
  • Placemats
  • Place settings
  • Safety Pins
  • Needle
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  1. Tablecloth Itself

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      Using ribbon, you can give your lace crocheted tablecloth a personal feel that will match perfectly with the theme of any room. Take your ribbon and cut a piece that is as long as each side of you tablecloth. You should have four pieces of ribbon for a square or rectangle tablecloth or one piece for a round tablecloth. Secure one end of the ribbon to the back of the tablecloth with a safety pin. Weave the ribbon in and out of the pattern in the tablecloth all along the bottom and pin to the back of the tablecloth once you reach the other end of the ribbon. Repeat this with each piece of ribbon so you have a border of ribbon along each side of your table cloth. You can repeat this in as many colors and patterns as you like. Once you are satisfied with your final result, sew the edges of the ribbon to the tablecloth to replace the safety pins.

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      Beads in a variety of shapes, colors and styles will also help you add a personal decorative touch to your lace crocheted tablecloth. Tie string along around the edges of your tablecloth every 3 inches to 4 inches leaving about 2.5 inches of thread hanging down from each point where you tie your string. Once you have gone all around your tablecloth, add your beads in any pattern to the strings hanging off the tablecloth. Fill about 1.5 inches of each string with beads and then tie a tight knot below the beads to hold them in place. Cut off any excess thread. Repeat this with all hanging threads until your entire tablecloth has a border of beaded tassels along the bottom.

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      A tablecloth can be used as its own decoration. Get a lace crocheted tablecloth in a size larger than you need for your table. Lay the tablecloth onto the table so it is centered and exactly where you will want it to stay on your table. Then, simply using thread and a needle, go around the sides of the tablecloth that are hanging down and put a few stiches in each side in various places to create pulls and pick ups in a pattern that fits your and your rooms style.

    On Top of the Tablecloth

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      Any tablecloth can be given an added flair with the addition of decorations on top of the tablecloth. You can add candles for an elegant look. Place three to five candles in different sizes to the center of the table. They can be in a row along the middle of the table or centered in a group showcasing the different sizes. You can also place them in candle holders or a large, decorative plate.

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      Placing your large glass bowl in the center of the table will also show off the look of your tablecloth. You can use the bowl on its own or fill it with different items that match the room's theme or even the season. You can fill it with different color rocks, marbles or sea shells. You can also fill the bowl with water and float various flowers, leaves or candles depending on what theme you are trying to match. You can also place separate flowers, fruits, vegetables or pine cones in the bowl as well.

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      Place mats or place settings will also give your tablecloth a classy feel. It will give your room and your tablecloth a finished look. Your place mats can be in any color or pattern that matches your room. Put the place mat in front of each chair. Make sure it is centered to the chair and about 1 inch away from the edge of the table so it has border around the entire place mat on the tablecloth. Follow the same specifications with place settings. Make sure each one is centered to the chair and about 1 inch form the edge of the table. Since there are more pieces to the place settings, make sure they are spaced enough so there is room between each place setting and each one is set apart form the others.

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