How Do I Import & Export My Gmail Calendars to My BlackBerry?

The BlackBerry is a smartphone that offers mobile apps, mobile email, Wi-Fi, Internet connectivity, a video recorder, voice recorder, megapixel camera, media player and task manager. It also comes with pre-installed BlackBerry email. You can add up to 10 mobile email accounts to your BlackBerry though, including Gmail. If you use your Gmail calendar for event and appointment management, Google Mobile offers Google Sync for your BlackBerry. With this app, you can import and export your Gmail calendars to your BlackBerry at your convenience.


    • 1

      Tap your BlackBerry's Web browser and navigate to Click on the "Download" link to install the app onto your BlackBerry. Wait for the installation to complete; you'll receive an installation completion message.

    • 2

      Tap the "Google Sync" icon on your BlackBerry to open the program. Enter your Google data such as login email and password, when prompted.

    • 3

      Click "Sync." Select "Calendars" as the item you want to sync. Tap "Sync." Your Gmail calendars are imported and exported to your BlackBerry.

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