How to Check the Kill Death Ratio on "League of Legends"


Knowing your kill to death ratio, or, KDR, in League of Legends (LoL) is an important part of analyzing your overall success in game. While the ratio doesn't speak to all the nuances of your performance, KDR is a helpful tool in determining your effectiveness at certain roles and champions.

Calculating Kill to Death Ratio

  • Determining your game by game KDR in League of Legends is a quick and simple process that uses your match history. Access your summoner profile by clicking on the button with the icon of a head located in the top right of the LoL client. Once there, select the "Match History" tab. The calculation for finding your kill to death ratio is to divide your total kills by your total deaths. For example, if you had 10 kills and 5 deaths in a game, your KDR would be 2.0 (10/5=2). Alternately, if you had 5 kills and 10 deaths, your KDR would be .5 (5/10=.5). Keep in mind that if you have 0 deaths your KDR will be infinite, because it's impossible to divide by 0.

Calculating Kill to Death to Assist Ratio

  • Another worthwhile measurement similar to KDR is a player's kill to death to assist ratio, or KDA. KDA is the standard ratio used in League of Legends, and is particularly valuable because it can provide an insight into the performance of players in roles that don't value kills highly, such as supports or tanks. The calculation of KDA is nearly identical to KDR, as kills and assists are valued equally. The formula for finding your KDA is to add your total kills and assists, then divide that number by your total deaths. So, if you had 10 kills, 5 deaths and 18 assists, your KDA would be 5.6 ((10+18)/5=5.6).

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