How to Unlock the Scene Where Carth Meets the Exile in "KOTOR 2"


Carth Onasi was one of the first characters Revan, the player character, recruited in the original "Knights of the Old Republic." A couple of recordings of Carth can be found by the Exile in "Knights of the Old Republic 2" to give additional background on Revan and the events of the first game. It is possible, but not guaranteed, for the Exile to meet Carth. Despite this meeting taking place near the end of the game, whether or not the scene takes place is dependent on a dialogue choice with Atton Rand at the very beginning of the first level.

  • Start a new game. You start by awakening in the Peragus II Mining Facility.

  • Talk to Atton Rand. You have to encounter him as you make your way through the mining facility. This is a linear level, so you cannot accidentally bypass him or get lost.

  • Choose "I was led to believe that Revan saved the Jedi -- and the Republic." from the dialogue options after Atton tells you that Revan and Malak turned on each other.

  • Play through the story until you defeat Darth Nihlus. This is unavoidable. Your decisions, alignment and side quest completion have no bearing on getting the scene where you meet Carth Onasi.

  • Fly to Malachor V after defeating Darth Nihlus. The scene where you meet Carth occurs automatically.

Tips & Warnings

  • The first "Knights of the Old Republic" had two endings. The conversation with Atton is used to determine the ending that occurred, which has an impact on some dialogue and scenes. The choice made in Step 3 indicates that the Jedi ending occurred. Carth dies during the Sith ending, which is why he does not appear in "Knights of the Old Republic 2" if you choose to tell Atton that ending was the one that occurred.
  • Carth's dialogue is partially determined by Revan's gender. This is also determined during the conversation with Atton.

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